Mermaids & Mermaid Films ~ Life of a Mermaid & The Mermaid and Her Man

Mermaid Entertainment is producing a couple of Mermaid theme films ~ Life of a Mermaid & The Mermaid & Her Man. These will be seen on that YouTube Channel. These films are part of my Enlightening Entertainment campaigns to produce positive programming while inspiring ocean conversancy. The ocean needs us to help keep Her clean. Mermaids are a creative way to encourage us to protect our oceans and waterways. As mythical creatures spawning countless legends, they intrigue us. We can learn from them. Like humans, there are different kinds of mermaids, both sweet and sour. Which one are you? ~ ~ #mermaids #mermaidentertainment #gaia #oceanconservancy #enlighteningentertainment #mermaidtales #lifeofamermaid #mermaidandherman