Atlantis & The Divine Feminine


Mermaids are a symbolic representation of the divine feminine which has often been portrayed as sinister. (Women often endure these misunderstandings of the feminine.)

In many, if not most cultures, the mermaid has been misunderstood, so it was wonder

We love the mermaid life so much that we created a life as similar as possible to the Life of a Mermaid on Land! We explore everything MERMAID that piques our interest.

There are vacations in Hawaii where you get to experience being a real mermaid. Mermaid Swim Clubs on both East & West Coasts, USA.

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We post videos of expert mermaids, give tips on costumes, tell you which apps, books, and other mermaid are “must-haves”.

If you love mermaids as much as we do, you’ll enjoy exploring our website. Let us know what you would like to see more of!